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Ceramic Piece by Paul Briggs


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Paul is an accomplished ceramicist who is also the pastor emeritus of Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford Hills. He and his family lived in Westchester for many years, and many of his ceramic pieces reside in local collections. 

Paul is featured in the Feburary 2021 edition of the Ceramics magazine which is a national publication. This is a great honor for Paul and makes owning a piece of his work even more exciting!

This piece is part of his hand built Orchid Series. Paul speaks with great joy about his process: "This work is a pinch pot. It is pinched from one piece of clay with no addition or subtraction of clay. It is expanded, grown. These recent Orchid pieces have more aesthetic considerations and forming the pedestal foot takes finesse and time. Each piece, even similarly pinched forms, is unique."

Approx: 6"x6"x6"

Value - $325