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Jessica Miller

Hemlock Hill Farm


Hemlock Hill Farm
12 x 24 inches 

Artist's Statement
“Bold, decisive, and dynamic are just some of the adjectives that describe Jessica Miller's work. Vibrant brushwork and vivid color embolden her canvas with a unique expression that captures the essence of her subjects. Whether painting a landscape or portrait, Jessica finds the indelible qualities that invigorate and fortify her work, leaving the viewer captivated by her interpretations of life and nature. Jessica's work seems influenced by the Fauvists of the 20th century yet remains uniquely and formidably an expression of herself and her time."
— Andrew Lattimore
Originally from northern Michigan, Jessica now makes her home in the Hudson River Valley. She is best known for her portraits, recognizable for their expressionist style and vibrant color. Particularly popular are her half-hour portraits, small paintings done in one quick sitting, which effectively capture likeness as well as mood. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Jessica studied at the School of Visual Arts and at the Art Students League in New York, with legendary painter Hananiah Harari, later continuing her studies with acclaimed portrait and landscape artist Andrew Lattimore. Her work is shown regularly in galleries in New York and hangs in private collections throughout the United States.

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Artist also accepts commissions. 
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