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Tara Blackwell

Hershey Mini


Hershey Mini
Mixed media on canvas
9 x 12 inches 

Artist's Statement
Tara Blackwell grew up in a household filled with artists, all with differing artistic styles and modalities. The early deaths of her brother and father left her, a young painter, struggling to find her voice without her beloved teachers. In retrospect, processing these tragedies is what Tara, now a mature artist with a unique, exciting style, believes most accounts for the complexity and depth of her current work in which she employs bold colors, layers and texture. In her CORNER STORE series, Tara utilizes her commercial design background to take us back to her childhood. Exploring vintage imagery with wit and whimsy, Tara recreates familiar logos, packaging, and cartoon characters into a visual narrative of her youth, she transports us back to our own, offering us a touchstone to childhood joy.

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Artist also accepts commissions. 
Please contact Art Show: Bedford for more information.