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Lily Morgan

In Flight 1


In Flight 1
Oil and acrylic on panel
16 x 20 inches 

Artist's Statement
In my work I strive to find balance between the contradictory elements and practices of art that I am drawn to the most. I can’t help but love abstraction and realism, impulse and intention, as well as freedom and control. When I begin a piece I have a desperate need to see instant progress. I start each painting by mixing up a range of colors and covering each surface with them. It starts with fluid and intuitive marks until each and every drop of paint is intentional. Next I impose a grid onto the entire surface to bring structure to the piece. These steps are equally as important to me as the intricate rendering of the subject that is added. The final portion of each work is the most challenging for me. The waiting. The looking. The small moves to marry the background with the subject, to deepen shadows and brighten highlights. These crucial last moments with a work feel like trudging through mud compared to the first marks but are equally, if not more, rewarding.

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Artist also accepts commissions. 
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