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Mireille Duchesne



8 x 10 inches 

Artist's Statement
For as long as I can remember I always had a pencil , a brush in my hand. Words have never been my medium, painting is. It is my passion, my life. Realism is not my goal. What I seek is to grasp the intangibles. I want to depict the atmosphere, the impression it gives, the feelings it inspires. I paint not from photo but from my memories , my impression of a site. Clouds, water, are my main source of inspiration but music is always present. My medium is oil paint. I love the fluidity of the paint , the way I can manipulate it as it dries slowly giving me the time to work wet on wet which is my favorite technique. I love the brilliancy of the colors which give the glow in the light and depth in the dark. I am speaking with my heart in may paintings and If I succeed in sharing my joy of life with the viewer my goal is accomplished.