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Rebecca Mills

Pseudo Constellation Nebula 6/12


Pseudo Constellation Nebula 6/12
Oil, metallic paint, pearlescent pigment, on canvas
11 x 14 inches 

Artist's Statement
The Ultra Plastic Galaxy is an uncolonized part of the Universe where androgynous Gods float through space, nebulae provide strength and guidance to the Gods and to the Black people on earth; and where the planet UPF-MP holds a world of femme creatures, hybrids, and Goddesses. When it comes to the act of creating, I aim to create a plastic Black feminine visual that relates to how this world effects the Black subconscious. What it’s like to rarely see religious images of people who look Black. What it’s like to know that Black people come in every shade, every physical feature possible but colorism/white supremacy creates a caste. What it’s like to be Black - period. Surrealism gives me the freedom to paint Blackness, As Is. My paintings are for decolonization of the subconscious mind and for universal peace.

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Artist also accepts commissions. 
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