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Audrey Zinman

Save Me

Save Me
Decoupage plate

10"x 9"

The power of images has always intrigued me and decoupage offers the perfect medium to express myself. My technique is best described as “painting with paper.”  I am always hunting for interesting illustrations and papers to incorporate in my pieces.  I begin with an initial image and add others which are often unrelated in subject matter.  My intent is to compose a piece with an eye towards color harmony and spatial relationships both in relation to each individual element and the object itself.  The scissor is my paintbrush, and the art of cutting becomes a form of meditation for me, requiring intense focus and precision.  I work with many different surfaces—glass, wood, metal and found objects.  My pieces are often functional and meant to be used and enjoyed.

Artist also accepts commissions. 
Please contact Art Show: Bedford for more information.