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When the first Art Show: Bedford took place in 1973 St. Matthew’s parishioner Mary Berol’s dream had come true. It was her vision that an art-oriented and community event benefitting local charities could be both culturally enriching and fun. Mary’s resulting week long show and preview party in Bedford’s Historical Hall was a resounding success. Parishioners and community friends contributed energy and time to the affair transporting art, mounting it and providing refreshments from their own kitchens. Historical Hall was filled both day and night, art was exhibited and sold and the Church’s outreach budget grew. A wonderful time was had by all and a new Bedford tradition was born!

48 years later the Women of St Matthew's are still living Mary's dream - the show is a joy to work on and over the years invaluable support has been given to a wide range of local charities. 
Founding Chair
Mary Berol (1916-2014)
Tara Deeks
Susannah Leighton
Julie Bacon
Jenny Convery
April Foley
Sally Ketchum
Diana Knoblauch
Ursula LaMotte
Terry Long
Robyn McCree
Betsy Meyer
Laurie Sturz
Marilen Tilt
Caroline Walker